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One annual subscription for a single person to access and have unlimited use of the PageTiger system as an Administrator accessing the Administration, TigerGenius and Reporting Zones in order to create interactive publications and TigerKits.

Per Year


One annual subscription for a single person to access and have unlimited use of TigerGenius Zone of the PageTiger system as an Author in order to create and personalise issues from TigerKits.

Per Year


One annual subscription for a single person to access the Reporting Zone within a single PageTiger Account.

Per Year

Training Token

One training token to be redeemed by a PageTiger Administrator or Analyst to attend a single training session or event in a virtual online or live class.


Virtual Learning Kit

One USB headset for participation in an online Tiger Class.


Studio Day

One Studio Day to be redeemed against creative services including the design, content origination and management of a custom project and/or bespoke technical development.


Content Token

One Content Token to be redeemed against the licensing rights to use stock content supplied by PageTiger including pictures, words and video.


Custom Domain Name

An annual charge to register, configure and maintain a domain name used to display any/all publications within a single PageTiger Account or across multiple grouped Accounts.

Per Year

Onboarding Pack

One starter theme, six styles and two security rules together with single sign-on integration to be housed in a central control account, shared across all Accounts within the Client Group, then applied to publications and TigerKits.



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